• Twinkles Professional Tooth Gem Kit
  • Twinkles Professional Tooth Gem Kit

For Australia and Canada- Twinkles professional tooth gem kit

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For Twinkles dental jewelry application in salons.

LED curing lamp wireless with usb cable. Charge with your phone charger or pc. (charger not included)
Protective orange shield.
1 instrument tray
1 watercup
1 placement tool
2 package of 50 Cottons rolls
Bonding instructions
Promotional Kit: A4 Posters, leaflets and display
Consent/disclaimer form (.doc available for download in our professional section)
Easy carry bag
Detailed instruction video link

Dental adhesives :
Micro brushes
2 g of dental flowable composite and tips

Jewelry :
4 Twinkles Gold/ White Gold
1 Twinkles with a 0.01 ct diamond
1 Twinkles with a sapphire
20 Swarovski crystal clear 1,8 mm
15 Swarovski crystal clear 2,3 mm
30 Swarovski assorted colors and sizes
1 Display jewel case for Twinkles

Twindent does not offer any training other than the self study material included.  Twindent is not responsible for any injuries that may result from bonding, use or removal of Twinkles. Twindent do not guarantee the bonding performed by 3rd party. We do not issue any certificates since we have no control over the qualification nor of local health and sanitarian regulations for performing this service.

Please note!

This kit is for professional use, and professional accessories used for business purpose are exempt from the return policy.

Parcels left without proper sign off is the responsibility of the buyer. We recommend not to accept delivery left at the door as it is your responsibility if the parcel is stolen. We ship FOB.

For export outside EU applicable customs duties, collection fees etc may apply and are the responsibility of the importer and not included in the order total. Any applicable fees will be due upon delivery. For parcels not claimed cost for return freight will be charged. 

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